BOSTON -- The preseason war of words between Tristan Thompson and Marcus Morris moves onto the court tonight, when Thompson's Cavs face Morris' Celtics at TD Garden. But, according to Thompson, these are just continuing shots in a long-running war.

"It goes all the way back to Kansas-Texas days, when we beat them at Allen Fieldhouse," Thompson, who played for the Longhorns against Morris' Jayhawks, said this morning at the Cavs' TD Garden shootaround. He added he's played against Morris and his twin brother Markieff "since high school," so they're very familiar with each other. 

But hard feelings? Nah.

"I enjoy it," said Thompson of the trash-talking. "It's fun, it's what makes the games fun. Especially with the long season, stuff [gets] repetitive, lot of games, lot of different road trips. So it's fun when you get guys chirping."

That doesn't mean he's backing down from his "teams ain't got much to say" stance concerning the Cavs.

"Our team has changed and their team has gotten better," he admits, "but until the games start, I don't want to hear nothing."