Tom Brady's first Sunday of the NFL's regular season was just like yours. It involved a couch and a lot of RedZone Channel. 

"I was home in Boston so I had a little time during the day. Spent some time with the family," Brady told Jim Gray on Westwood One on Monday night. "Then spent a little time working out, and then obviously watched a lot of football. It's fun to sit on the couch and watch a lot of those games from a different perspective. It was great to see the Patriots finish off the night with a huge win in Arizona. I was really pumped to see that."

Listening to Brady speak as a fan is something we've heard from him in the past. His routine during Sundays of Patriots bye weeks is usually relatively similar. But during the first week of his four-game suspension, he seemed to enjoy the time off as much as could be expected.

Of course he'd rather be playing, but he used the time as a viewer to try to learn a few things. 

"I watch that one channel, that RedZone Channel, that captures everything, which is pretty amazing," Brady said. "But it's a great way to just kind of watch how a lot of the flows of the games are going. You see a lot of situations. There's a lot to learn every week in the NFL. I know how coach [Bill] Belichick covers so much situational football with our team on a week-to-week basis. When you can sit back and watch how a lot of the games are transpiring . . . There was a lot of close games yesterday, the two-point conversion in the Raiders-Saints game, and the ebbs and flows of that game, and the Jacksonville-Green Bay game. There were some fun games. It's fun to watch football on Sunday. Obviously, I love the sport so much, and to have a chance to watch those games under different circumstances, and obviously I'd much rather be out there playing, but it was still an enjoyable Sunday nonetheless."


Brady was asked if it was an emotional day for him at all. Was he angry having to watch his team play on Sunday night without him? 

"I wouldn't say any of those things," Brady answered. "I think I was just interested in how we were doing and what I was seeing, and how the adjustments were made. Football is great to watch on TV. You get so many different angles and replays. You don't get those things when you're playing. A lot of times, you don't know how well you did until you watch the film after the game. But when you see on TV and they show the replays, it's just a great sport to watch. The athleticism of all the players and how hard the hits are and how quickly the decisions are made, it's just so much fun to watch."