From the beginning, former Patriots offensive lineman Matt Light has been very vocal about the way the media has treated Tom Brady throughout the Deflategate controversy, especially Felger and Mazz.

Light called into Felger and Mazz on Tuesday to defend Tom Brady, and ended up ripping the duo's take on Robert Kraft's relationship with Roger Goodell and the way they have treated the quarterback.

"You've never had a great relationship that has gone awkward?" asked Light when asked about Robert Kraft and Roger Goodell. "I saw them hanging out, I saw them dancing in the past. That doesn't mean they're ultimately the best friends on earth.

"The real deal is that Roger made a horrible mistake. What you should do is go back and literally look at the facts, not just stay in the same corner you put yourself in in the beginning. This isn't about a strongly worded, or Brady 'generally knew' what was going on. This is telling someone and telling the world that you think Tom Brady is a cheater."

Mazz wants Light to take a second look at the text messages from the Patriots' personnel.

"If you knew who these guys were, [the text messages] would be nothing. You can go back a year before any of this happened and you could find text messages from probably half the country that would prove this ridiculous point you want to make. It has nothing to do with what we're talking about. Did the guy deflate the footballs? Did the team go out there and literally try to get a competitive advantage deflating footballs? The evidence is very clear, and that's what I think you guys keep missing the boat on. You want to keep going down this path, it's absolute ridiculousness."