Eagles offensive lineman Lane Johnson, who caused a stir last week by calling the Patriots a "fear-based organization," was back doubling down on his comments on another Barstool Sports' "Pardon My Take podcast.

Johnson's comments come at the 59-minute mark of the hour-plus-long podcast. 

"I think a lot of guys just wanna be happy playing football...," Johnson said. "The Patriots, they obviously won five Super Bowls. So it's the Patriot Way to win the Super Bowl. Does that mean that everybody has to act the same way, do the same thing? Is that necessarily the guidelines to win the Super Bowl?"

After Johnson's first PMT podcast appearance a week ago, in which he wondered how much fun the Patriots had in winning their five Super Bowls, he drew responses from ex-Pats linebacker Tedy Bruschi and current Pats linebacker Marquis Flowers, who each fired back about the Eagles tackle's criticism.  

This time, Johnson told the podcast that obviously an ex-Patriots and current Patriots aren't going to be critical of the organization. 

"Well they kept interviewing ex-Patriots players, what do you think they're gonna say? 'I hated it there? No, I won Super Bowls. We had a great time.' They're not gonna bad-mouth their coach," Johnson said. "They're not gonna say what they really want to say. Do you think that's gonna happen? Hell no, it's not gonna happen."


Johnson said he's gotten plenty of hate mail from New England fans, but said he hasn't read it.

"And I just pissed in everybody's Cheerios and everybody in Boston," Johnson said. "Hey, I got hate mail I still haven't read. I'm looking forward to reading it."