Joe Judge explains Giants' bizarre QB sneak on third-and-9


A tumultuous season for Joe Judge and the New York Giants came to a fitting end on Sunday.

The Giants fell 22-7 on their home field to the Washington Football Team, but the final score wasn't the main takeaway from the game. Instead, it was some questionable playcalling from Judge in what may have been his final game as Giants head coach.

The former New England Patriots special teams coordinator called two bizarre QB sneaks on second-and-11 and third-and-9 before punting the ball away. New York was backed up near the end zone, but it still was a head-scratching moment for a team that has quite a few of them this season.

Judge was asked after the game to share his reasoning for the QB sneaks.

"We were backed up, I wanted to get room," Judge said.

"... We were gonna give ourselves room for the punt. We did that. We gave ourselves room for the punt, we protected it. We covered well. We played the field position situation I want to play. We held them on the next drive, and that's the way we want to go ahead and play that."

It's the second time in as many weeks that Judge has made headlines for the wrong reasons. After last week's loss to the Chicago Bears, Judge went on an 11-minute tirade about the organization not being a "clown show," as much as it may appear to be. Sunday's game didn't help his argument.


The Giants finished the 2021 campaign with a 4-13 record. Judge's future in East Rutherford, N.J. is in doubt with multiple reports stating the second-year head coach likely will be relieved of his duties.