Love him or hate him, Tom Brady is a big freaking deal. And fans are reinforcing that fact with their wallets.

You've probably seen that Brady's No. 12 Buccaneers jersey is flying off the (virtual) shelves in Tampa Bay, while the New England Patriots face an uncertain future with 23-year-old Jarrett Stidham expected to start at quarterback.

But Brady's move from New England to Tampa Bay also has had a substantial impact on 2020 ticket sales in both regions.

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According to the ticket search engine TicketIQ, tickets for the Patriots' 2020 season are averaging $433 on the secondary market, a 39 percent drop from their 2019 ticket prices. That's the steepest price drop of any NFL team by a pretty significant margin, per TicketIQ.

The Patriots are one of just four teams to see a year-over-year decrease in ticket prices on the secondary market -- and they're not exactly in stellar company.

If you want to see Brady's Bucs, meanwhile, a ticket will cost you an average of $485 on the secondary market. That's a 135 percent increase from Tampa Bay's 2019 secondary-market ticket prices, which is the fourth-highest jump in the NFL.


The Bucs still have nothing on the Las Vegas Raiders, whose tickets are averaging a whopping $1,098 a pop on the secondary market in anticipation for their move from the Black Hole to the brand-new Allegiant Stadium.

Still, it's pretty remarkable that it'll cost you more to see a Bucs game than to watch the six-time Super Bowl champions.

Such is the draw of Brady and new tight end Rob Gronkowski, who even at their advanced ages (Brady turns 43 in August, while Gronk turns 31 this month) can still put hypothetical butts in the seats.