What type of wide receiver are the Patriots missing?


The New England Patriots have multiple positions to address this offseason. If wide receiver isn't the No. 1 priority, it's certainly in the top three.

After hiring Bill O'Brien as offensive coordinator, the next step for the Pats is getting quarterback Mac Jones some weapons and protection up front. Unfortunately, upgrading at the receiver position will be a tricky task as Jones' go-to target Jakobi Meyers is arguably the top wideout set to hit free agency.

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That means the best course of action could be to trade for a receiver, but what type of wideout should New England have in mind? Our Phil Perry and Tom E. Curran debated that question on a brand new episode of the Patriots Talk Podcast.

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"Fast 'AF' I think is important, but I look at somebody like a Tee Higgins," Perry said; "Not saying the Patriots can end up with Tee Higgins. I don't think of him as a 'Fast AF' guy. He's a big, athletic, contested-catch guy who's I think one of the best in the game at that sort of thing. A.J. Brown, I don't see him as a 'Fast AF' kind of guy, but these are 'change the defense' types of players. These are guys that you fear going into every single week. I don't think the Patriots have any. You need multiple. Whether it's a tight end and a receiver, two receivers, two receivers and a tight end which some teams have."


Curran adds that while he likes the collection of wideouts the Patriots have, they lack a true No. 1 that a defense has to focus on each week.

"When I look at this group, I like the complementary skills, but they're all C+ to B- level players at those positions," Curran said. "There's not one you go, 'Oh (expletive), they got that guy?' So it's more the, as Bill Belichick said in 2001, 'the strength of the wolf is in the pack.' That's the idea with the receivers."

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