Red Sox

Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox already had $1 million set aside for hourly workers to collect during the coronavirus crisis. And now, they're investing even more in their part-time employees.

According to Jason Mastrodonato of The Boston Herald, the Red Sox are adding an extra $500K to their pool of money for hourly workers. They're doing this to help cover third-party employees that help staff the team's events.

This is certainly a great gesture by the Red Sox, as they listened to the concerns of their employees and helped to prioritize their health, safety, and well-being.

And as Red Sox CEO Sam Kennedy communicated in an email, this decision is all about "supporting one another."

"We are glad that these individuals will now benefit from this aid," Kennedy wrote, per Mastrodonato. "This pandemic is teaching us many vital lessons, perhaps none more critical than the importance of supporting one another."

That attitude is one that a number of sports organizations and players have embraced as the pandemic continues.

The Red Sox season was supposed to start on Thursday, but MLB, like all major pro sports, has suspended the season indefinitely due to the COVID-19 outbreak. MLB will continue to monitor the pandemic as they look to figure out what the 2020 campaign will look like if it's played.