Schefter paints loose framework for Bears-Colts draft trade


The Bears' No. 1 pick is officially for sale. 

"It just depends how far back," Poles said when asked if trading back is the ideal scenario on Feb. 28. "But yeah, we need a lot, and that gives us more opportunity to bring in more players."

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The NFL draft has plenty of suitors who would likely be willing to trade up to No. 1, or another pick the Bears' acquire. For example, if the Bears trade with the Texans for the No. 2 pick, they will likely field interest for the second pick. 

One suitor who has presented themselves as an option to being a trade-down candidate is the Indianapolis Colts. Despite their recent toss out of a smoke screen, the Colts will almost certainly be in the market to trade up for a quarterback. 

If that's the case, Adam Schefter has the loose framework of a potential haul the Bears could bring in from the Colts. 

"To go from 1 to 4, it's a minimum of two 1's (first-round picks) and then some, and then some," Schefter said on the Barstool Sports Pardon My Take podcast. "It's a lot. This is an unbelievable windfall for them."


Should the Bears execute a trade to any degree, they'll inhale a cornucopia of draft capital. More so, if they're able to execute multiple trades they'll add to their war chest. 

Is that the Bears' draft plan? Poles' answers at the NFL draft combine certainly allude to the Bears trading down. And a trade with the Colts would certainly benefit them, based on the likely haul and positioning in the draft. 

One must wonder if they would like to stay in range to draft a potential generational prospect. With demand for quarterbacks only increasing, the draft's top defensive prospects will be there for the taking. 

Seemingly, the most ideal scenario is the best of both worlds. Trading down to a reasonable position while drafting a star near the top of the draft is ideal.

As Poles said, the Bears need a lot of help, but missing out on a potential franchise cornerstone isn't worth the abundance of draft capital they could acquire by taking themselves out of the running for a top prospect. 

Late April can't come soon enough for Bears fans. 

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