It's not like I even need to remind you, but it might almost be time to slam the panic button, Bears fans. 

You see, Bears' stud receiver and all-around Good Dude Allen Robinson went on ESPN 1000's Carmen and Jurko show to chat, and dropped this bit of head-turning news about his contract situation – more specifically, if the Bears have talked to him and his agent recently:

"They haven't. We haven't heard nothing. I think just as far as me and my agent, from a the conversations that we've had, we're not necessarily anticipating hearing anything at this point. For us, we're going into camp preparing ourselves to have a good year. If that comes up and they reach out to my agent, I'm sure they'll have pretty good discussions and things like that, but again, that hasn't happened yet. Maybe it will happen. I can't predict the future, so I don't know if that will happen at all. For myself, with this being my second time going into a contract year, I know how to mentally prepare myself and I know how to block all that out."  

Well then! On the surface, not a great look for Da Bears. Maybe he's bluffing?! Just to play devil's advocate, it's worth pointing out that we're knee deep in the slowest part of the NFL calendar, and teams typically take most of early/mid July off to soak up every last bit of R+R before things pick up later in the month. Navigating and operating a halfway-functional training camp in the midst of a global pandemic is also probably higher on the Bears' to-do list at the moment. Let's also remember that Ryan Pace loves himself a Labor Day extension, too. There are, in theory, a whole bunch of reasons why this may not have happened yet. 


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It's also equally possible that the Bears are making a huge mess out of this. Back in February, Ryan Pace told reporters that, "we keep [extension conversations] inside, but it's obviously something we've talked about." That being said, as we're all too painfully aware of by now, February was ages ago. Even if there's a long game being played here, it's tough optics for the front office. 

On the Panicky Temper Tantrum scale, I wouldn't quite rank this as Angry Tweet worthy – but it's definitely somewhere in the ballpark of Dragging The Team In Your Group Text. 

Robinson hit on a wide variety of other topics, including the NFL's lack of coronavirus clarity, Mitch Trubisky's offseason progression, and his own Madden 2021 rating (he was surprised that he was only a 89). Check out the entire interview right here.