Why Akiem Hicks says he'll adjust play after Rams game


Akiem Hicks had a rough Monday night, but he wasn’t about to apologize for all the penalties he committed that gave the Rams free yardage and extra downs.

According to Football Database, a site that tracks penalties throughout the season, Hicks has had seven penalties called and accepted against him. That’s tied for most in the league. Those seven penalties have only cost the Bears 48 yards, so well less than 10 yards penalty. But more importantly, opposing offenses have gotten some free first downs from those penalties.

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In case you’re curious who’s second on the list, it’s Hicks’ teammate in the secondary: Kyle Fuller. He has had six penalties accepted against him for a whopping 91 yards, according to Football Database. One of the hazards of guarding an opponent’s top receiver week after week, I guess.

It is a bit frustrating that the Bears have so many penalties called against their defense, especially when many appear to be ticky tack, and take points off the board. In Eddie Jackson’s case, he’s already had two pick-sixes negated due to a soft flag.

But those things can’t be helped, so like Hicks and others have said, the Bears need to simply keep playing hard and hope the flags regress back to the mean.