McCaskey on Robinson extension: 'We're very optimistic'


While the Chicago Bears and star wide receiver Allen Robinson appear to be at a stalemate over a new contract, Bears chairman George McCaskey expressed some hope Friday morning.

"Ted (Phillips) gave me an update yesterday and we're very optimistic," McCaskey said on WGN Radio.

McCaskey does not get involved in negotiations, but he was asked by WGN Radio host Bob Sirott if Bears general manager Ryan Pace needs to come to him to ask for more money in these situations. The chairman responded by saying that's all handled by Phillips, the team president, and Joey Laine, the team's contract negotiator.

"I don't get involved in those things," McCaskey said. "We've got people who take care of those things and most of the time it works out with a good result and that's what we're counting on in A-Rob's case."

McCaskey added that he saw Robinson in the team's cafe Thursday and said hello.

Earlier Friday, reported that "the Bears are looking at the recent Cooper Kupp extension with the Rams as their comparison, meaning they're in the $15 million-to-$16 million-per-year range."

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Robinson and Kupp are both 27 and put up similar numbers in 2019, but Robinson is much more established in the league and more proven as a No. 1 wide receiver. The Chargers' Keenan Allen recently received an extension that averages over $20 million per year and he's also a relevant comparison for Robinson. 


That gap appears to be what's holding up negotiations, but perhaps progress has been made this week. The owner sure seems optimistic. 

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