The Bears – and most everyone else, for that matter – know what they're getting in new wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr. 

"It won't be different. I bring speed," he told local reporters on a Wednesday afternoon conference call. "I bring that element of stretching the field, so I know I'll be helping that role. And then being able to catch things underneath and making my way within that role. With us having a wide variety of guys that can do a lot of awesome things, we just have to wait for coach to put that thing together and then we'll just figure it out." 

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Though they don't totally fit the same profile, Ginn Jr. will be relied on heavily to fill the role that the Bears envisioned for Taylor Gabriel last season. Stretching the field was a problem for the Bears' passing offense in 2019, and Ginn Jr., even at 35, still brings impressive speed – most often as a traditional deep threat, but not always: 

Now on his sixth team in 14 years, there's still no end in sight for the receiver. Ginn continues to train with his father, who's a high school football and track coach with six state championships to his name. It's a regiment that he's continually stuck to, and one that he credits for preserving not just his physical abilities, but his passion for continuing to play after almost two decades in the NFL. 


"You know every time that you get up and you still feel it. You know what I’m saying? Like, I really don’t know what that feeling really is yet. Like I say, I’ve been healthy over my career so I don’t really have a lot of major areas where most guys can be, you know, over the years, start feeling it here and there. Just trying to maintain, I mean I really don’t know when that switch is going to hit.

"I can still run. That’s my attribute," he said. "Don’t let the age and the years fool you."