Fields describes what worked and didn't with offense


Justin Fields added to his ongoing development this season, putting money in the bank by way of rushing the football and getting a feel for the passing game at the NFL level. 

Luke Getsy's offensive system matched his specific attributes, and Fields felt like that worked for him and the Bears this season. 

"I would say as an offense, I think moving the pocket worked for us a little bit," Fields said on The Rich Eisen Show. "And then of course, when a play wasn't there, just trying to make it play. There (are) areas in my game where I need to grow."

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Fields is cognizant that his development isn't near over. For starters, he threw the ball just over 300 times this season, slotting in 27th in the league for passing attempts during the regular season. 

The Bears hardly got to see him throw the ball, purposefully taking advantage of his ability to rush the ball and saving him the risk of having to deal with a below-average offensive line and one of the worst pass-catching groups in the NFL. 

To that end, Fields knows he has work to do, and is already identifying the specifics he plans to work on before the start of next season. 

"In a short passing game, just kind of the "gimme" throws, the run alerts, the bubble screens and stuff like that. I feel like I might have gotten too lazy on (them) and just really easy," Fields said. 


How can he improve on that going forward?

"I think it's it's definitely a mechanic thing," Fields said. "Just fixing those mechanics, and now is the time where I can really get back into it and kind of focus on that. So, when the season does run around, you know, (we'll be) clicking on all cylinders."

Year 3 will be another pivotal season for Fields' development. But, it's up to Ryan Poles and the Bears' front office to bring on a supporting cast that will help him get there. 

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