Justin Fields dinged his hand at the end of the game


A bad game might have been much worse than imagined. During the Bears’ postgame press conference Matt Nagy mentioned that Justin Fields may have hurt his hand during the game.

“I think he might have dinged his hand up a little bit,” Nagy said. “I don’t know a whole lot of the details, but, yeah, I think he might have dinged it up a little bit.”

It’s important to note that Nagy did not mention Fields as any part of an official injury update to start his press conference.

Fields acknowledged the hand in question was his throwing hand, and he did get an x-ray after the game. But he also said he was fine and that he didn’t think he needed the x-ray.

Football players get “dinged up” on practically every play, so we’ll have to see whether this is an innocuous “ding,” or whether it develops into something else worth monitoring.

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