Orlovsky: Fields should demand trade if Nagy isn't fired


ESPN's Dan Orlovsky has been among the most critical of Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy after his offense put on one of the least impressive performances in NFL History.

"It's the worst game plan I've ever seen in my life," Orlovsky said on Monday.

And on Thursday, after Nagy refused to clarify who would be calling plays this weekend, Orlovsky took it a step further when asked if Fields should want out of Chicago.

"If the plan for the Chicago organization is going to be to keep Justin to keep Matt Nagy as their head coach, 100 percent," Orlovsky said.

He compared it to Sam Darnold's re-emergence in Carolina after struggling with the New York Jets.

"And here's my confusion still on Thursday, if we took this kid, moved up and said that that's the guy that we wanted and we have not changed our offense to build it around him, then we're not going to," Orlovsky said. "And if Matt Nagy is going to continue to be the head coach of the Chicago Bears and really the steward of Justin Fields' career moving forward, then Justin Fields should absolutely try to get out."

Orlovsky notes we're not at that point yet, three games into the season. But if in the early offseason it's clear Nagy will continue to be the head coach and nothing with the offensive scheme is going to change, it's time to look for an exit.


And while Orlovsky was much more explicit in Fields forcing his way out of Chicago today, his stance on Monday was pretty much the same. Nagy "should no longer be allowed to be in the stewardship role with Justin Fields's career."

Demanding trades in the NFL isn't the same as demanding trades in the NBA, where players have a lot more power and control over their futures. That's not to say it isn't possible.

Orlovsky also says if the Arizona Cardinals can draft Josh Rosen and trade him after a year, because they drafted Kyler Murray the following year, then Fields can demand a trade after a season.

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