Why Bears' offense is finally clicking, according to Nagy


You may have noticed that the Bears Are Back because The Offense Is Good. How good? 30 points in three straight games good! They said it couldn't be done. But now it's being done, and the Mitch Trubisky-led group is firmly entrenched in the playoff discussion with two weeks left. So what changed? And what took so long? During his Monday morning press conference, Matt Nagy tried to explain: 

"But also for us is just, you know, some of the stuff we went through with the offensive line, with the injuries, I think played a factor," he said. "Obviously we made the quarterback switch, and so there were some things there. And I think right now the thing that we’re trying to look at is, we try not to look back at what happened but just kind of where we’re at right now. And we just want to keep building off of where we feel we’re at. And we do feel like it’s a good place with the identity of the offense with Mitchell playing the way he’s playing, with the scheme, with the consistency of O line and with the growth of all these younger players." 

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It's not really an answer, in any sense, but that's par for the course on Mondays. Nagy did mention Darnell Mooney and Cole Kmet as the "younger players" that have contributed to the team's recent success. In particular, Kmet – who played 100% of the offensive snaps on Sunday – got a lot of credit from the coach. 


"When we drafted Cole Kmet, we knew what type of player that this kid is going to be in his career," Nagy added. "He's going to be really, really good at the tight end position. But sometimes what's hard for people to understand is it's like Nintendo, and you think you can just put these kids in for the first game they ever play, or the first three games they ever play, and they're going to have these numbers or they can play every snap." 

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The good news for Bears fans is that you know Matt Nagy spends too much time holed up in his office watching tape when he drops "Nintendo" references in the year 2020. I sincerely hope he's not out here buying his sons a Nintendo when they almost certainly asked for a PS5 instead. Benching Trubisky for Nick Foles was a mistake that he can recover from, but mixing up Nintendo and Play Station is unforgivable.