There are any number of ways NFL free agents prioritize their final choice, and there's probably a good argument behind each one. Championship contention, great weather, best paycheck; these are all things that make total sense. And then other times, you just lean into the anarchy and let chaos take the wheel: 

Just tremendous content. Here's the full quote, because you deserve the full quote: 

"It was a tough decision, and I had to finally make it, and Chicago was on the right side of the coin," Quinn said. "Once I made that decision, I kind of put my head down again and just went back to work. Whenever this craziness clears up I'll be ready to get back to work up there in Chicago."

So like, was there actually a coin flipped?

"That's kind of how it came down to the final decision. It was pretty tough. Basically, that's what it boiled down to – it was a coin flip. How about this: the Bears were on the right side of it ... it was here and Atlanta, and it was very tough. My agent was just relaying some messages and I really couldn’t make up my mind, so I had to do it the honest way."

But wait! There's a twist. Read this, from the team's in-house writer Larry Mayer: 

So it was all just a figure of speech. A detailed, well thought-out, very specific figure of speech. That he confirmed twice. The Bears want you to know that Robert Quinn definitely did not let a coin flip decide where he ended up in free agency. Robert Quinn was only speaking metaphorically when he said that a coin flip decided his new team. The whole thing was just a funny bit – especially the part about flipping a coin for free agency, which Robert Quinn definitely did not do.