It almost feels silly to write, because the writing has been on the wall for weeks (months?) now: the Bears will have an open competition at quarterback next season. GM Ryan Pace wasted no time making that clear on a conference call on Friday.

"... with the addition of Nick Foles, it’s exactly what we talked about from the start," Pace said less than a minute into his opening statement. "We’ve increased competition at a critical position and we talked to both players, and the way we view this is it’s an open competition." 

The more pressing question, at this point, is less about who will win the competition, but when it'll even take place. While the team waits for more clarity on offseason scheduling during the COVID-19 pandemic, Ryan Pace, Matt Nagy and Co. have their hands full preparing for the upcoming draft and creating a plan for an unprecedented offseason. (Basically the perfect time for quarterback uncertainty!) Whenever the Bears do get on the field, though, for the first time in the Mitch Trubisky Era, QB1's up for grabs. 

"I think when we say open competition, this is a open competition," Pace added. "They’ve both been told that and I think it’s the best way to do it. I think the good thing is honesty and transparency with both players as we go through it. We want what’s best for the Chicago Bears; it’s as simple as that, and that really applies to any position on our team. For this situation, let’s let these guys battle it out, let the process naturally happen and over time that decision will be made.”


For any optimists out there, Nagy did admit that when the Bears get on a field again, it'll be Trubisky that takes the first snaps. And since this paragraph is all about lip-service, apparently, here's how thrilled the Bears are with how both guys have Embraced The Competition:

"Mitch is really embracing it," Nagy added. "He’s had an unbelievable personality throughout it. He understands that all he wants to do is be the best quarterback he can be for the Chicago Bears, and that’s what he’s going to do as we move on here. Nick, the same thing." 

Nagy also walked around a question on whether the guy who won the job out of camp would have a season-long leash, (fairly) pointing out that any speculation beyond today's specific news – that it really, really was an open competition – is putting the cart before the horse. 

"We’re not even there yet," he said. "I know that with the guys we have on our staff, it’s something we’ll figure out quality-wise, how that goes. It’s hard right now just because we don’t know yet. The only thing we can do is simulate what we think could happen, and if it’s choice A, choice B or choice C as regards to things that could happen."