Louis Riddick unloads on Justin Fields trade talk


All the talk about Justin Fields and whether the Chicago Bears should trade him to draft Bryce Young won't stop.

The conversation will persist in part because general manager Ryan Poles needs teams to think he might draft Young to incentivize other teams to trade up for the No. 1 overall pick.

But Bears fans are tired of it. Justin Fields is tired of it. Jarrett Payton is annoyed with it.

And add Louis Riddick to the list.

"Is there something about Justin Fields that I don't know?" Riddick asked on ESPN's Get Up. "Is there something about Justin Fields that the people who have kind of taken this whole thing and turbo charged it, that they know that I don't know about Justin Fields? That people are saying, you know what, we need to move on from him because he's never going to realize his potential. And Bryce Young is the answer.

"Because remember, at one point in time during the regular season, it was Luke Getsy is the problem. You're running him too much. You're not letting him throw it and develop his throwing acumen. It was get this offensive coordinator the hell out of here. Before that it was get Matt Nagy the hell out of here. These guys don't know what to do. Now it's let's get Justin Fields out of here, and let's just get a new quarterback.


"Make it make sense to me."

Mike Greenberg noted Chicago loves Fields, and expressed his hope the New York Jets would draft him in 2021. Greenberg tried to pose the "who would be a better quarterback" question to Riddick, which is sometimes the lens used to criticize Fields and explain drafting Young, but Riddick wasn't having it.

"I'll tell you what, if you put Bryce Young with that offense and you took Justin Fields, right, and you gave him two years in the (Philadelphia Eagles) offense with A.J. Brown, DeVonta Smith and Miles Sanders and Lane Johnson and Jason Kelce, I'm going to tell you what, I'll take Justin Fields 100 out of 100," Riddick said

And Riddick is right.

Fields has had two different head coaches and offensive systems in two seasons. Three offenses if you count the tweaks offensive coordinator Luke Getsy made during the Bears' mini-bye.

And Fields has lacked weapons and protection on offense. A lot of times Fields was running for his life.

The Bears have the No. 1 overall pick and more cap space than any other NFL team by a large margin. The hope is Poles can leverage that war chest of assets to finally give Fields the weapons and protection he needs to put all these questions to rest once and for all.

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