Mark Sanchez made reality TV debut, and we didn't even know it

USA Today

Mark Sanchez had “Masked Singer” fans and judges alike guessing until the very end. After he was eliminated from the singing show on Wednesday night, Sanchez revealed that he was the man singing under the “Baby Alien” guise.

If you’re unfamiliar with the format, “Masked Singer” has celebrities singing in disguise while the judges and fans try to guess who is who. Each week, one singer is eliminated and then their identity is revealed until only a winner remains.

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Popular guesses for Sanchez included Sam Riegel, Jeff Dunham and Freddie Prinze Jr.

Sanchez played for the Bears in 2017, but never threw a pass as a backup to Mitchell Trubisky. He led the Jets to the AFC Championship game twice. Once as a rookie in 2009, and then the next year in 2010. He also was the Rose Bowl MVP as he led USC to a 38-24 victory against Penn State following the 2008 season.