Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari to host private event this Valentine’s Day in West Loop

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Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari to host private event this Valentine’s Day in West Loop

Former Bears QB and current reality TV husband Jay Cutler will be coming back to Chicago this Valentine’s Day. Cutler’s wife, long-time reality TV star Kristin Cavallari, will be hosting a private event at Uncommon James in West Loop and Cutler is coming along for the festivities. A must event for any fans of mid 2000’s football and MTV.

For $200 per guest, attendees will enjoy food and drink, a private shopping experience and a selfie station. The 3-hour event will also include a question and answer session with Cavallari and Cutler. There’s something for everyone!

Cavallarri is on the third season of her E! show “Very Cavallari” which follows her life and growing business. Uncommon James is a fashion, lifestyle and jewelry brand who opened their Chicago location last October. The flagship store is in Nashville, where Cavallari and Cutler reside with their children.

Cutler is seemingly less-interested in the spotlight than his wife. He isn’t particularly active on social media, with Cavallari posting pictures to an Instagram account for him, so any chance to hang out with the former Bears QB is a rare opportunity. According to Instagram, it looks like Cutler is becoming more involved with Cavallari’s business, designing and modelling a bracelet that doubles as a bottle opener. How very Cutler.

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Add jewelry designer to the resume @uncommonjames

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If you’re looking to convince skeptics to shell out for the event, here’s some incentive. According to, the average Bears ticket in 2014 during the middle of Cutler’s tenure on the team was $108 per person, not even including food and drink and access to whatever a selfie station is. So, you’re paying twice as much for a much closer look at Cutler (assuming the store is smaller than Soldier Field) and a chance to ask him and his wife a question! And food! Seems fair when you put it like that.

If you and the K-Cav to your J-Cut are looking for something to do together this Valentine’s Day, the event will be held at Uncommon James in the West Loop, 849 W Randolph St., from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. on February 14th. 

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Jay Cutler's Instagram page deleted, leaving Bears fans without fun follow

Jay Cutler's Instagram page deleted, leaving Bears fans without fun follow

Bad news for Bears fans who like to keep up with their former QBs. It appears Jay Cutler has deleted his instagram.

Hat tip to Adam Rank for being the first sleuth on the story:

But we can’t take Rank’s word for it, we need to confirm this ourselves.

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When searching Cutler’s old handle @ifjayhadinstagram, nothing comes up. Plugging in an old URL to one of his photos returns a “page does not exist” error. Ok, no need to freak out. Maybe he deleted some pics and renamed his account?

Naturally the first move is typing “jay cutler” into the search bar, and upon first glance it looks like he simply changed his name. There it is: @jaycutler with a blue check mark and everything. But the description is a little weird, “Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler”... and is he using a shot of a wrestler as his profile pic?

Nope, turns out it’s another athlete with the same name, this one a bodybuilder.

Very cool content, but not what we’re looking for.

Digging deeper we can find a new account called @ifjayhadtinder but it’s just filled with memes and low-brow jokes… clearly not the real deal. Sadly, after that there’s a long list of fan pages and joke accounts, but nothing that’s No. 6 himself.

People around the world fell in love with Cutler’s Instagram page as he embarked on a weeks-long quest to capture a raccoon that was terrorizing the chickens on his ranch. He also became a top-notch thirst trap for single Bears fans, once he took control of his account and announced his split with Kristin Cavallari.

But now the worst is feared to be true. Cutler has left Instagram, leaving us all to wonder what he’s up to on his ranch.

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ESPN thinks two Bears players have good odds of making the NFL Hall of Fame

ESPN thinks two Bears players have good odds of making the NFL Hall of Fame

When ESPN publishes sweeping pieces that compare all 32 NFL teams, it's usually – pardon my expression – bad news for the Bears. 

There were the QB rankings, and the offensive rankings, and the future outlook, and the offseason grades; whatever the topic is, things usually don't end well for Chicago. But not today Bears fans. Not today. 

Today, ESPN's Bill Barnwell published a piece titled 'Projecting future Hall of Famers for all 32 NFL teams.' It's a fun look at every team's best players, and for once, it doesn't have to be a hate-read for Bears fans. 

First up, obviously, is Khalil Mack. Barnwell lists Mack in the 'likely' range, giving the edge rusher a 70-99% chance of heading to Canton: 

He has made five consecutive Pro Bowls and has three first-team All-Pro nods to go with his Defensive Player of the Year trophy from 2016. He has been one of the five best players at the second-most lucrative position in football over the past five years, and the fact that he was traded for two first-round picks and then delivered a wildly successful season with all of that attention in 2018 helps him. He probably needs two more All-Pro seasons to finalize his case.

Fair enough. Next up is Eddie Jackson (!!), who Barnwell says is "in the running" (40% to 69%): 

A starter from Day 1, Jackson was a first-team All-Pro while leading the league in interceptions in 2018. Jackson and teammate Kyle Fuller both slipped last season, but each earned Pro Bowl nods, and that's going to matter more to voters 15 years from now than how either player actually performed in 2019. The reason Jackson is in this section and Fuller's in the next group is that Jackson has made two Pro Bowls in three seasons, while Fuller has two across six years.

The last two cases Barnwell examines are Fuller and Jimmy Graham, with the irony of the later being *chefs kiss.* He ultimately goes against putting Graham in, noting that, "[Graham's] peak is Hall of Fame-worthy -- he has two of the three best seasons in fantasy football history by a tight end -- but it really only lasted four seasons." 

So there you have it. Anytime you read another article about how abysmal the Bears' offense is, just remind yourself that it's happening during an era where the defense has 2-3 Hall Of Fame caliber players! That helps right?