Brandt rips Bears sitting Fields for his development excuse

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NFL Network's Kyle Brandt just ripped to shreds the idea of sitting a rookie quarterback like the Chicago Bears' Justin Fields under the guise of his development.

That's been the plan head coach Matt Nagy and general manager Ryan Pace have force fed the media and fans since drafting Fields just after signing Andy Dalton as free agent.

Dalton got his start in Week 1 and the Bears were trounced by the Los Angeles Rams. And while that had a lot to do with the Bears' defense, there were flashes in the five plays Fields was on the field.

Including a Fields rushing touchdown, one of two scores all game.

Yet Dalton is still the starter heading into Week 2 and Bears fans are growing more and more frustrated.

And the way sitting Fields continues to be painted as some noble deed to Fields' long-term development and the team's future, fans are sick of it.

They've reinforced that stance all summer and into the season, pointing to Kansas City Chiefs sitting Patrick Mahomes basically his entire rookie season. But it is a flawed comparison and Good Morning Football host Kyle Brandt (and noted Bears fan) just ripped that argument to pieces.

"People are still talking about Aaron Rodgers waited.16 years ago. There's still Tom Brady waited. 21 years ago. Patrick Mahomes waited, Patrick Mahomes would've been just fine. I'm actually starting to think that the Chiefs might've cost themself a Super Bowl run by benching him that year. I'm not even kidding," Brandt said.


"You can bring up those names. That's fine. Bring them up. But just don't forget, there is a whole other species of names in this Justin Fields thing that I'd like to bring up right now."

And boy did he ever.

"Everyone who's saying Rodgers, Mahomes... you're going to bench Cam Newton as a rookie. It would've been ridiculous. He was a sensation Because you want to start Jimmy Clausen? No," Brandt said. "Russell Wilson right out of the gate. But you got to wait! No, Russell Wilson had it. You play him.

"Deshaun Watson had to wait a half to get on. Stupidest half the Texans have ever had to not play Deshaun Watson.

"You want another one? How about this maniac [Justin Herbert]? Last year, best rookie season by quarterback ever only got on the field because of a crazy medical mishap. We don't know what would have happened.

"And now you're going to say you have to wait, Justin Fields. I think you have one of those guys because Justin Fields is not small program, didn't play, opted... no. He played the biggest college football you could play. He dominated in every category, best competition you could play. He was teammates with Chase Young and played against him in practice.

"And yet he sits and we got Trey Lance playing. We got [Trevor] Lawrence, we got [Zack] Wilson out of BYU is starting in the New York media market and this guy can't play. Why do they get to play with their toys and the Bears don't? I'm waiting for a reason and I haven't heard one.

"I think you're messing this up. And I think you're sitting Cam Newton and Deshaun Watson, Russell Wilson. And I think you got to let them go."


He didn't even mention Dak Prescott, a fourth-round draft pick who started because of a preseason injury to Tony Romo and played so well Romo never got his starting job back. Oh, and Prescott just signed a HUGE contract as he's continued to play well as the face of the franchise for America's Team.

Play Justin Fields.

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