Kyle Long made Bleacher Report's 'Most Overpaid Player' list and definitely had some fun with it


On Saturday, Bleacher Report released their list of each NFL team’s most overpaid player. Kyle Long was the selection for the Bears, but the six-year veteran certainly knows how to have fun with the detractors.


Rather than responding in a brash or upset manner, Long decided to thank his agent for negotiating his four-year contract extension from back in 2016. Long has still been a productive player for the Bears, but $10 million a year was a bit too rich for the Bears’ current contending plans, and so they and Long agreed to restructure the contract lowering his cap figure for 2019.

At this point, he is still one of the crucial pieces of the Bears much improved offensive line, and while the details of his new cap figure aren’t public yet, it’s safe to say the Bears are happy with Long’s place in their long-term plans, regardless of his year-to-year cap hit.

And while the fans loved Long’s tweets, some pretty notable names loved Long’s reaction as well.