Marcus Spears says Justin Fields can be elite quarterback


Fans in Chicago didn't need to be sold on Justin Fields.

But ever since the 2022 NFL season ended, there has been speculation and discussion about whether the Bears should trade him and draft a quarterback.

The conversation heavily leaned towards not letting Fields get away, despite some contrarian pundits voicing the opposite.

But the issue has been put to bed. General manager Ryan Poles traded the No. 1 overall pick and got back a haul of draft picks and wide receiver D.J. Moore in return.

Fields finally has his No. 1 receiver.

Now the conversation has shifted toward whether or not Fields can take a step in the third year. Can he make the jump that Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen and Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts did?

The Bills gave Allen an elite wide receiver in Stefon Diggs and the Eagles traded for A.J. Brown.

And ESPN's Marcus Spears is leading the Fields hype train with an passionate monologue on NFL Live, saying Fields absolutely can make a Hurts like leap in Year 3.

"We've all kind of agreed on this show that Justin Fields is a guy that you can not only build around, but a guy that can win games for you and be elite at the position based on all of his necessary tools," Spears said. "And then you think about Justin Fields sitting at home during this time. Because all of these young quarterback get an idea of what their franchise thinks about them as well, by the moves that they make.


"Now, obviously, we want to see some offensive linemen come through for the Chicago Bears, but to go out and get a weapon in a position of need. We saw the trade for Chase Claypool. So they've made it clear now that they want to try to get Justin Fields the weapons that he needs in order to take that next step and move further along the line.

"And I'ma say, and I know this year was a phenomenal year, but if you don't think that Justin Fields can be Jalen Hurts. You ain't been watching football. If you don't think he can turn into that based on the system around him and having the right pieces in place, you are kidding yourself."

This comes on the heals of Dan Orlovsky saying Fields is going to play MVP-level football for the next two seasons on Monday.

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