Nagy: Bears offense "better be freaking detailed" moving forward


The Bears are barely 12 hours removed from their most impressive win of the season, though you wouldn't have known it from listening to Matt Nagy's press conference on Friday morning. 

When summing up the team's offensive effort in the 20–19 win over Tampa Bay, Nagy let everyone know exactly how he really felt:

"I thought offensively, just looking at it, and you start wondering about the sloppiness, and where things are at, and how to get to where we need to go," he said. "I just look back after watching the tape, and the details right now in this offense are not there. So that’s our job as coaches: to make sure that we get these freakin’ details right. It’s as simple as that." 

Though they made the plays that were needed, the Bears' offense was far from efficient against the Bucs – Nick Foles averaged 5.8 yards per attempt through the air, and his longest completion of the night only went 25 yards. The David Montgomery/Cordarrelle Patterson duo combined for 2.5 yards per attempt on the ground, and only Allen Robinson had more than 40 yards receiving. The offensive line, with Alex Bars playing for an injured James Daniels, allowed Tampa's front to hit Foles seven times with three sacks. 

And while Nagy made it clear that he's not worried about the effort level he's getting from his players, the coach was clearly frustrated with the Bears' continued struggles with the fine details of his offense. 


"You need to do everything exactly the way it is supposed to be done," he said. "So if that means running a route at five steps and not three steps, or if that means running a route at three steps and not seven steps, that has to happen. If it means to set a certain way and block somebody, that’s what that means. If it means to throw on a certain time with your feet, do that. If it means to make the right play call at the right time, then do that as coaches. Meaning myself. And so we’re all in this thing together.

"But darn it, when you play in this offense, you better be freaking detailed. And we’re not a detailed football team on offense right now. And we need to get that back."