Mayor Lightfoot won't rest until the Bears figure it out on offense. 

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It's not the first time she's called out the team, or even specific members, but when speaking with Pat Boyle during NBC Sports Chicago's "Be Chicago: Together We Can" fundraiser on Wednesday night, the mayor – a notorious Bears fanatic – wasted no time getting to the heart of what went wrong during the Bears' 8-8 2019 campaign: 

But really I’m hoping that the offense is going to get back on track. I’m excited to see what Nick Foles does when training camp opens up. A little friendly competition, I think, is a good thing. Everybody grows when there’s competition. You know, Mitch Trubisky was not what I think anybody expected he would be last season. He’s got to get much more consistent. But when you’ve got a defense like that, all you’ve got to do on offense is just manage the game.

You’ve got to score. You can’t get down into the red zone and settle for field goals. But what I saw a lot last season was a great defense that was gassed by the third quarter. And that’s not good for anybody. So the offense has really got to step up. I’d like to see Nagy’s playcalling be a little less predictable and pedestrian. You know, running up the gut every time? Yeah, that’s not working so well.


She's not wrong! The Bears *were* bad in the red zone and the defense *was gassed.* She's probably got her hands full at the moment, but if the Bears need some consulting between now and whenever the 2020 season gets started, they could do far worse than dialing up her number. She even had a take on the Bears' newest tight end Cole Kmet: 

Yeah, I watched the first two nights and looked at the draft picks, and I hope that we’ll see some real production out of these draft picks. I’m interested in this tight end from Notre Dame. I said to somebody that he’s a Bear now, so I’m going to accept him, but I don’t pay a lot of attention to Notre Dame sports being a Michigan fan.

Mayor Lightfoot, if you're reading this, the "Under Center Podcast" is willing and ready to let you speak every single Bears truth you feel into existence. We can make it happen.