Simms: Why Justin Fields could fall to Bears in draft

/ by Alex Shapiro
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Is there a world in which the Bears can land one of the consensus top-five quarterbacks in the draft without moving up from their No. 20 overall pick? NBC Sports Chicago caught up with Chris Simms and he doesn’t believe that scenario is as far fetched as it seems. It all depends on how NFL GMs evaluate Justin Fields.

“I like Justin Fields in a lot of ways,” Simms told NBC Sports Chicago. “I have concerns about him, I do. There’s no doubt about it.

“With the mechanical flaws he has, there’s a little bit of an “if” factor. I’m not sure “if” he can fix that. That’s what scares me, and I do think there’s a realistic chance he’s on the board sitting there for (the Bears) at 20. I could see that scenario playing out.”

The scariest thing for Simms is not the decision-making, or ability to get off his first read like other pundits have mentioned, however. It’s his accuracy.

“The throwing is just all over the place for me,” Simms said. “It’s just too inconsistent for me to say he’s a top-10 quarterback that way. I think there’s work to be done there. People talk about the Clemson game, yeah there’s some amazing throws, but there’s more than a handful of throws in that game where I go, ‘Man, that should be slam-dunk completion,’ and the receiver can’t even get a hand on it. So he’s very raw from that aspect.”


Put that together, and Simms thinks enough teams could decide to pass on Fields. But Simms doesn’t think the questions end there.

“The real question is: Will the Bears draft him at 20 if he’s there on the board?”

After how much has been made of the Bears’ glaring need for a franchise QB, and how much Ryan Pace, Matt Nagy and even George McCaskey have spoken about the need to upgrade the position heading into 2021 it seems unfathomable that they’d pass on the opportunity to pick him. But every year there are surprises in the first round as a highly-touted prospect falls, or a lesser-heralded player is drafted earlier than experts expect. Maybe this will be the big surprise of 2021?

While we still don’t know how things will play out, we’ll have answers soon. The draft begins this Thursday.

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