The Bears have enough film of their own practices now to no longer have to watch tape of the Kansas City Chiefs running Matt Nagy’s offense, providing another small step in the long installation process taking place during OTAs. 

Don’t mistake this for a turning point in the Bears’ understanding of Nagy’s offense, though. It’s more a signal that we’re at the point of the offseason where the Bears have enough tape to evaluate of their own practices, and no longer have to watch other players doing it. 

“It’s not a milestone, but it’s nice to be able to see your guys doing it,” Nagy said. “They understand that in Kansas City it took us five years to get to that point that we got to, That did not happen overnight. That develops in time.”

For Nagy, the offseason program — OTAs and minicamps — has required plenty of patience given he’s starting from square one after years of evolving his offense with the Chiefs. Nagy’s goal is to have the Bears’ offense and defense on level footing come training camp, but until that’s the case, there will be more “bad build” days, as offensive coordinator Mark Helfrich put it after last Wednesday’s practice. This is hardly a quick process. 

“We’re kind of at a pace right now where we have to at times pull back and say to yourself we’re months into this thing, not years,” Nagy said. “The more reps we can get in practice, whether it’s a walkthough, splits, alignments, shifts, motions, the more they can see themselves doing it, that’s what we want.”


So that the Bears are just now watching themselves operate Nagy’s offense instead of the Kansas City Chiefs is a good thing, though it also represents just how lengthy a learning process installing it will be. Because even if Mitch Trubisky has the concept of a play down, he still will have to execute it and know what to do with the ball against different defenses. 

“Coach (Vic) Fangio and his guys are doing a good job of mixing different coverages and disguising different looks, so for Mitchell to be able to see those looks on tape, he’s building his own library right now within this offense,” Nagy said. “We don’t have to watch Kansas City’s offense anymore. We’re building our library now and he’s able to see how it works against our defense right now and try not to make those mistakes and make the correct adjustments.”