NFL commissioner Roger Goodell sent out a memo to all 32 teams updating them on the status of the 2020 NFL Draft.

Goodell's memo states that the CEC discussed if the NFL should go on with the draft and came to a unanimous decision to have the draft move forward as scheduled, taking place from April 23 to April 25. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic in the US, the NFL will be conducting the draft ceremonies in a different way. 

As of now, the league has canceled all public events related to the draft and draftees and their families will not be attending any sort of draft ceremonies. All NFL teams have been notified to be "planning to conduct Draft operations in a location outside of your facility, with a limited number of people present, and with sufficient technology, resources to allow you to communicate internally, with other clubs, and with Draft headquarters."

The memo also notified all 32 teams that the league is prepared to adjust changed circumstances over the next several weeks, including the possibility of limited operations within team facilities.