Tarik Cohen told ESPN's First Take how Mitch Trubisky can bounce back in 2020

Tarik Cohen told ESPN's First Take how Mitch Trubisky can bounce back in 2020

Tarik Cohen stopped by ESPN's First Take on Friday, talking with Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman, and Laura Rutledge about a wide variety of topics. His appearance was tied to ESPN and The Undefeated's celebration of HBCUs, so Cohen chatted with the three about his time spent playing football at North Carolina A&T. And wouldn't you know it, the show found some time to ask about the Bears. It started with Kellerman asking about the coming competition between Nick Foles and Mitch Trubisky: 

I just look at it like Coach Nagy always tells us: competition breeds success. You know we can't have two quarterbacks on the field at the same time, so it's going to be one person - someone's going to be that guy. I feel like whoever that is, they're going to be ready to step up to the plate and they're going to have all the guys behind them. With Mitch, we've been around him for a long time. That's my guy. Came in with him. And I see that in him - I see that he's ready to step up to the plate and battle it out for this spot. The same with Nick Foles - hearing him talk on the Zoom meetings, and seeing his resume, I can see that he's also not going to lay down and come in and sit on the bench. It's going to be interesting to see what happens. 

Then the conversation went towards what went wrong in 2019:

I really feel like it's a number of things with our offense. We're young. I feel like we weren't really clicking well, and we really didn't help him a lot at times. But I feel like once he gets that confidence about himself – once he gets out of his own head, and he has that 'F-it' mentality, I feel like that's when we see the best of him. You see in games like the Tampa Bay game that you're showing. In the games when he just goes out there and has fun with us, he's a wonderful quarterback. 

And finally, like clockwork, Cohen was asked if he thinks the Bears will be good again in 2020:

Oh I'm very confident in that. I feel like we have all the pieces necessary to do that. Just a couple years ago you saw a glimpse – a very small glimpse – at what we could be, and we all realized that and we took it for granted basically. We know you don't get years back in the NFL. But you've got to go with it, and we feel like this year, we're all going to hold each other accountable and we're all ready to put it out there on the field.  

Nothing groundbreaking, but it's at least notable that we keep hearing Trubisky's teammates publicly talk about how the QB sort of needs to get out of his own head. You can watch the entire video below: 

Soldier Field to host drive-in movie screenings through July

NBC Sports Chicago

Soldier Field to host drive-in movie screenings through July

You're probably not going to be able to watch the Bears at Soldier Field any time soon, but next week you'll be able to watch a movie there! That's kind of the same! 

That's because a program called 'Chi-Togther' "will provide Music Entertainment and Movie Screenings each night that will also include carpool-style concerts plus food and beverage options for all ages."

The event will be held in Soldier's South lot, and anyone who signs up will get a free popcorn! Honestly, it's worth it  just to get out of the house and grab yourself some free kernels. 

Movies being screened include Groundhog Day, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, and Fast and Furious (hell yeah). Also Shrek. 

12 greatest Chicago Bears wins in Soldier Field history


12 greatest Chicago Bears wins in Soldier Field history

The Chicago Bears franchise celebrated 100 years of football last season but there are a few more notable anniversaries on the horizon.

Next year will mark the 50th anniversary of Bears football at Soldier Field. And the columned stadium itself, which opened in 1924, is nearing the century mark.

While the franchise played a vast majority of their home games at Wrigley Field in its early years, a smattering of contests took place at the lakefront facility. The first of which was a 10-0 win over the Chicago Cardinals on Nov. 11, 1926. 

The Bears moved away from Wrigley Field after the 1970 campaign, landing at the AstroTurfed Soldier Field the following season. The team’s first game there — as official tenants — gave the franchise a positive jolt. A late Kent Nix touchdown pass gave the Bears a 17-15 victory over coach Chuck Noll’s Pittsburgh Steelers in front of a capacity crowd. The win was one of the bright spots in an otherwise pedestrian 6-8 season.

Alas, there were better days ahead.

Let’s take a look back at the 12 greatest Bears wins at Soldier Field:

12 greatest Bears wins in Soldier Field history