Eagles linebacker surprised by Justin Fields' size


Justin Fields had a heckuva second year as the Bears' signal caller, and not only did the Bears and its fans notice, other teams saw it too.

"You see what he does on film, you saw the run he had against us," Philadelphia Eagles linebacker T.J. Edwards said to CHGO in Arizona. "He's definitely special with his legs and how strong his arm is. (He's) a guy who's gonna gain confidence as time goes (on).

"He's gonna be a special player for sure."

Fields kept the game between the Eagles and Bears close during their matchup towards the end of the season. 

He threw for 152 yards and two touchdowns and, as Edwards alluded to, ran 15 times for 95 yards. The Bears finished within five points of the soon-to-be NFC champions, losing 25-20 at home, yet earning the respect of the team that knocked the Bears out of the playoffs in 2018.

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Obviously, Fields' speed is unparalleled to the majority of the quarterbacks in the league. But, Edwards admitted he was surprised by one of Fields' underrated traits. 

"The one thing that surprised me a bit – obviously, he's as fast as anything – but he's a lot bigger than people think as well," Edwards said. "A guy that big who can move like that is a tough task for a defense. He definitely creates a little headache for you."


Fields is a relatively large quarterback, measuring in at 6-foot-3 and weighing 228 pounds, according to Pro Football Reference. He's no Josh Allen, who stands at 6-foot-5 and weighs 237 pounds, but his speed and size combine for a lethal pairing when he gets downfield. 

It's likely the reason he's able to barrel through defenders, as evidenced by the video below. 

Hopefully, with his superb physical characteristics, he'll be a "headache" for defenses to come. Seems as if Fields has a new definition for "dual threat" quarterback by way of "speed" and "size."

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