Week 2 Overreactions: The most 'OK' 2-0 team of all-time?


The Bears are 2-0, which would feel exciting if literally anyone acted excited about it. Instead, I guess we all made the decision that panicking over whether the Bears are actually good is more enjoyable than actively knowing they are not. Things could be worse: Look at Kirk Cousins, who threw for 113 yards and 3 INTs on Sunday. Look at Matt Patricia! Maybe don't look at Packers! Wherever you look, the Bears will still be 2-0 – but it's too late; the tweets have been sent. Here they are: 

Verdict: Yes I'm Sorry This Is Very Clearly A Overreaction 

Trubisky played well on Sunday. All Bears fans wanted this offseason was competent quarterback production and a defense that created turnovers and through two games that's exactly what they've gotten. I'm weary enough to know that we haven't had the last QB1 debate of 2020 yet, but now's extremely not the time for it. Why would you even want it to be?! It doesn't have to be like this. 

Verdict: I Sincerely Respect This Take But Unfortunately Yes I'm Sorry Right Now This Is An Overreaction

Jaylon Johnson's very good. I'd even argue that he's outplayed what already felt like unrealistic expectations. His game against Detroit felt more impressive than his performance on Sunday, if only because the Giants' offense is breathtakingly bad. The part about being considered CB1 by 2021 isn't that far-fetched – Johnson does look *that* good so far. It's just too early to be calling shots like this. I get it, I really do – my heart is with this take. But it's Week 2. Aaron Rodgers looms. 


 Verdict: This Is The Most Reasonable Tweet I Have Ever Seen, I Am Speechless 

Verdict: So I Think This Is A Reasonable Overreaction But An Overreaction Nonetheless 

This makes sense to me. Training camp was basically a month in shells with the occasional live contact drill among the 2's and 3's sprinkled in. It stands to reason that finding a team identity may take a game or two. But I think the Bears have actually shown people quite a bit this year. Matt Nagy's already shown a willingness to make schematic adjustments, Mitch Trubisky looks more comfortable under center, the defense can still create turnovers, etc. It's plenty fair to wonder how the 2020 Bears will look against better competition, but we already have a good idea of what to expect from them. 

Verdict: Harsh but fair

Verdict: Sigh Yes This Is An Overreaction 

Sometimes really good cornerbacks have really good games, and that's what happened with James Bradberry on Sunday. Nagy admitted that the interception on the sideline is "normally" a ball that Robinson would come down with, but the idea that he can't negotiate a new contract and also play football is silly. He didn't cost himself any money against the Giants, either. He wasn't even the least productive Bears receiver on Sunday.