What is D.J. Moore's contract? Effect on cap space?


The Bears' acquisition of D.J. Moore in part for the No. 1 draft pick certainly placed a hit on their coveted cap space, which leads the NFL. 

Ahead of the trade, the Bears had close to ~$100 million in cap space. After the trade, they have around $75 million, according to Brad Spielberger of PFF. The number keeps them in first place, about $10 million above the second-place Atlanta Falcons. 

Ryan Poles and the Bears went out for Moore instead of reportedly an additional first-round draft pick to scratch the need for a No. 1 receiver off their future checklist of roster additions. 

The free agent class is considered ineffective this offseason in the wide receiver category. The trade for Moore also used capital the Bears already planned on trading in the No. 1 pick. They accomplished many things from the trade, but most importantly, they now have a star receiver under contract for the next three years. 

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What is D.J. Moore's contract?

In March 2022, Moore signed a three-year extension with the Panthers for roughly ~$62 million. He added three years onto the one year that was left heading into 2022. Now, he has three years left on his active contract. About $41.5 million of his extension is guaranteed. 

The Bears are getting Moore at roughly $17.5 million per year. His contract is surrounded by the likes of Diontae Johnson, Kenny Golladay, Tyler Lockett and Christian Kirk. The Bears are getting a bargain for a receiver heading into the prime of his career. 


Moore, 25, has played five seasons in the NFL. He's recorded over 5,200 yards of receiving since he entered the league and 21 total touchdowns. Last season, he recorded 888 yards and seven touchdowns, the latter of which is the most he's recorded in a single season. 

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