Why Bears could be interested in cut CB Jimmy Moreland


There’s a misconception around NFL cut day, that once 3 p.m. rolls around each team will have their final 53-man roster in place. In reality the work has just begun after the big wave of cuts has been announced. With hundreds of guys hitting the streets all at the same team, NFL personnel departments then undertake the massive task of sifting through all the players to see if any of them can help their team. Waiver claims are made, free agents are signed, more cuts are made and practice teams are formed.

In the Bears’ case, Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy already have one player to research in Jimmy Moreland. Washington made Moreland a surprise cut early Tuesday morning after he showed promise as a nickel corner in 2020. That’s one position where the Bears could look for extra help, as Duke Shelley and Marqui Christian have battled for the starting spot with neither man winning the job emphatically.

According to NFL’s NextGen stats, Moreland was the third-most successful slot corner in pass coverage last season. They say that on 57.6% of pass plays where he was the closest defender to the targeted receiver, the result was a “successful play” for the defense.

Moreland is also known for his ball-hawking ability. In two seasons, Moreland has only one interception and five pass breakups, but he came out of college as James Madison’s all-time leader in both interceptions (18) and pick-sixes (6).


The Washington Football Team initially drafted Mooreland in the seventh round of the 2019 draft.

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