The NHL season runs from October to April, so decade leaderboards usually don’t get a lot of attention since it’s sort of odd to chop off halves of seasons. But today, we’re digging in. Why? 

Because a decade just ended and look at who tops the leaderboard in NHL points from 2010-19 (as in January 1, 2010 to December 31, 2019):

Patrick Kane: 807

Sidney Crosby: 788

Alex Ovechkin: 783

Kane’s total of 807 points for the decade is the second-most ever for a Blackhawks player during any decade.

Most points by a Blackhawks player in a decade

Denis Savard: 984 (1980s)

Patrick Kane: 807 (2010s)

Stan Mikita: 784 (1960s)

Bobby Hull: 774 (1960s)

Stan Mikita: 665 (1970s)

Steve Larmer: 630 (1980s)

Jonathan Toews: 628 (2010s)

Doug Wilson: 625 (1980s)

Notice Toews also ranks among the best point decades in Blackhawks history, but his 628 points were only good for 15th in the NHL during the 2010s. And Denis Savard’s franchise best for a decade – 984 points during the 1980s – were only good for fourth in the NHL. Guess who was first.

Most points in the NHL during the 1980s

Wayne Gretzky: 1,864

Peter Stastny: 1,024

Jari Kurri: 997

Denis Savard: 984

I present this list because of how ridiculous it is. The difference between No. 1 and No. 2 is greater than Kane’s point total this decade! By the way, Gretzky also led the NHL with 940 points during the 1990s, but this time he only led by 12 over Jaromir Jagr’s 928. The 1980s were definitely the highest scoring decade in NHL history – look at the five biggest point totals for a player during a decade:


Wayne Gretzky: 1,864 (1980s)    

Phil Esposito: 1,110 (1970s)

Peter Stastny: 1,024 (1980s)

Jari Kurri: 997 (1980s)

Denis Savard: 984 (1980s)

So a recap so far: the best scoring decade by a player in Blackhawks history was the fourth best in that particular decade, but also the fifth best in any decade. OK, now back to Patrick Kane.

Kane is the third Blackhawks player to lead the NHL in points during a decade.

Patrick Kane: 807 (2010s)

Stan Mikita: 784* (1960s)

Doug Bentley: 467 (1940s)

*Bobby Hull & Gordie Howe were tied for second with 774.

The Blackhawks top three in the 2010s is a drastic change from the top three in the 2000s.


Patrick Kane: 802

Jonathan Toews: 627                        

Duncan Keith: 429


Steve Sullivan: 281

Alex Zhamnov: 230

Kyle Calder: 209

Sure, the 2004-05 season was wiped out by a lockout, but the reason for the underwhelming total for the Blackhawks leaders during the 2000s is more due to turnover than it is to the missing season.

That being said, Kane has more points during the 2010s than the Blackhawks’ top three point scorers in the 2000s combined (720). And that’s fun.

What an incredible decade for 88.

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