Bulls city jersey designs may have leaked on Twitter


Twitter may have gotten its first look at the new Bulls City alternate jerseys. According to Camisas de NBA, this is what the Bulls will rep next season:

A quick Twitter-provided translation of the tweet reads, “LEAKED! Here is the first image of the new CHICAGO BULLS alternate jersey. Predominantly black, with a beautiful combination of  the logo and number in yellow and red. The rather complex side panel draws attention. Many references in one uniform!”

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While it’s difficult to say specifically what the uniform references, the art deco design is a nod to one of the most recognizable architectural themes of the city. The choice to use red and yellow-- instead of red and blue-- may pay homage to the Chicago Theater’s marquee, even though the font doesn’t quite match.

NBA teams began slowly unveiling their new jerseys last week. New this year will be Michael Jordan’s “Jumpman” logo on each team’s Statement edition jersey.