Horace Grant 'bringing my goggles' as he represents Bulls at NBA Draft Lottery


Horace Grant will represent the Bulls next week at the NBA Draft Lottery.

Grant spoke with Bulls.com's Sam Smith and said that he'll be bringing his famous goggles with him as he tries to bring the Bulls some Lottery luck and the chance to draft Duke freshman Zion Williamson.

"I'm bringing my goggles," Grant told Smith, "because my first year and a half playing I was blind and basically when I started wearing my goggles we started winning championships."

Grant isn't stopping at the goggles to help bring the Bulls luck. He said he also plans to reach out to the two people connected to the instances when the Bulls won the Lottery in Thelma Krause and Steve Schanwald. The late Jerry Krause was on stage when the Bulls won the Lottery in 1999, while Schanwald was on stage in 2008 when the Bulls defied the odds and won the Lottery and the right to draft Derrick Rose.

Grant said he'll also carry a photograph of his kids when he arrives at the Palmer House in Chicago, as "those were lucky days."

Grant joins a recent list of Bulls representatives in the Lottery that includes Joey Reinsdorf in 2018 and Jimmy Butler in 2016.

Joey, the son of Bulls COO Michael Reinsdorf, will be the Bulls representative in the actual Lottery room where the drawing takes place.

Here's the list of all on-stage reps: