LaVine planning summer workout with White, Williams


The Bulls' 2020-21 season ended in disappointment, but Zach LaVine is already on to the next.

"I'm going to take some time, relax a little bit and then put this gameplan together to get better," LaVine said at his end-of-season presser on Monday.

And he's taking his teammates with him. At the close of his nearly-15-minute session speaking with reporters, LaVine disclosed that he's already extended an summer workout invitation to Patrick Williams and Coby White. Whether that take place in Seattle (from whence LaVine hails) or Los Angeles is to be determined.

"I try and do it," LaVine said of getting teammates together in the offseason. "Especially this year with Pat and Coby, and whoever else wants to, but I've already given them the invitation. I want to definitely work out with them."

LaVine's summer workouts in Seattle are the stuff of lukewarm legend, and the hoops scene in the Northwest even more so. So White and Williams better bring their A game.

While White didn't speak to reporters, Williams multiple times stressed the importance of this offseason for him. He plans to play in Summer League, and take advantage of the first full NBA offseason he's afforded after last year's was abridged due to the 2020-21 season's stilted start.

LaVine, who's intentionally taken on more of leadership responsibilities in recent years, is looking to offer a guiding hand.

"We'll go through some things and get after it in the offseason. I think that's a good bonding and team exercise for us, especially in the offseason," LaVine said. "You're away from your guys, and everybody needs time away, but once you start ramping back up these are the dudes you're going to be in battle with. I want to help them just like other players helped me when I was younger going out there and working out. I'm looking forward to it."


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