Eddie Vedder gets a lot of attention as perhaps the Cubs' most famous fan — though even the Pearl Jam lead singer might have to take a backseat after President Obama tweeted that he's supporting the Cubs.

But there are plenty more celebs who have been die-hard Cubs fans for longer than they've been household names. Actor and Chicagoland native John Cusack falls into that category, and he's been a fixture at Cubs games for years.

Cusack was in attendance Tuesday night at Wrigley Field when the Cubs punched their ticket to the NLCS with a 6-4 win over the Cardinals.

Like most Cubs fans, Cusack was ready to celebrate after the big NLDS victory. When CSN's Luke Stuckmeyer asked whether he thought the Wrigleyville barkeeps were doing good business, Cusacks responded:

"You think the establishments might be full?"

Cusack likes what he sees from this Cubs team and talked with Stuckmeyer about a different vibe compared to years past.

"I think there's a bunch of plays that earlier would've spooked the whole crowd. But these guys are like, 'No problem, play through it,'" Cusack said. "Jake Arrieta doesn't pitch like a perfect game for the first time in four months, and the bats say, 'No problem, we got you. They score eight? We'll score 12.'"

With the Dodgers forcing a Game 5 in the other NLDS, the Cubs need to wait to find out who they'll face for a shot at the pennant. Cusack isn't concerned with the result of that series, though.


"It doesn't matter who these guys face," he said, "that's what I feel."

Check out the video above for the entirety of Stuckmeyer's on-field interview with Cusack.