The Cubs may be in rebuilding mode at just the right time.

On Saturday, the Reds dealt four prospects to the San Diego Padres for Mat Latos. Thursday, the Nationals did the same for Gio Gonzalez.

That has to make the Cubs feel good about what they might get for Matt Garza.

Garza is two years older than Gonzalez and four years older than Latos. It's possible the two younger guns have more upside, but neither are as accomplished as Garza as it stands right now.

The Cubs' ace has shown an ability to pitch in big games against big lineups and in a big division. He is still under team control for two more seasons and will be relatively cheap in arbitration, by some standards.

Could the Cubs fetch something close to the same kind of haul Latos and Gonzalez commanded?

The Rangers don't need another starting pitcher now. But with these two young guys off the board, teams like the Red Sox and Blue Jays could be hitting the market hard.

Maybe they'll be calling Jed Hoyer's number.

The Cubs would love to get at least a top catching and first base prospect like Hoyer's former team received for Latos.

After all, Garza has an extra "T" in his first name, so he's got to be worth more than Latos, right?