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Should the Sox trade Beckham?

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James Fegan at White Sox Observer has a nice look look at the question of trading Gordon Beckham, noting that the team would be selling low on the second baseman but, given his all-too-real struggles of the last two seasons, it may behoove the Sox to explore a deal.

That's a particularly jarring conclusion given Beckham was essentially an untouchable asset at this time two years ago. Trading Beckham is banking that he won't re-capture and build on his success of 2009.

Maybe a change of scenery -- either a new team or the new Sox coaching staff could count -- could get Beckham back on track. But his walk rate has fallen each year since 2009 while his strikeout rate has risen, two massive red flags for a 25-year-old entering his fourth season in the majors.

Beckham's game isn't without its pluses, though. Specifically, he plays good defense at second base and has shown the baseball acumen to improve there as he becomes more experienced.

My take: Beckham would be a nice piece for a team featuring an already-deep lineup. At the worst, his defense would provide some value, and any offensive outbreak is a bonus. But even though he's had issues the last two years, that good-hitting potential remains, and a team could very well wind up being set at second base for years to come. At the same time, trading Beckham is dangerous for the Sox because, hey, maybe Beckham will come around with Robin Ventura and Jeff Manto leading the hitting charge.


I say the Sox should hang on to him, although -- as James says -- it'd be pretty tough to condemn a trade of him.

What's your take? Is there enough hope in his game to keep Beckham? Or should the Sox trade him while they still can?