White Sox

White Sox

Behind the curtains of Tim Raines' illustrious Hall of Fame career was a kid struggling with a drug addiction that nearly derailed a path to stardom.

One of the greatest players to ever wear a Montreal Expos and White Sox uniform, Raines opened up to CSN's Chuck Garfien on the latest White Sox Talk Podcast about a cocaine addiction he was dealing with early on in his MLB career.

Raines talked about carrying a vial of cocaine in his back pocket and how he would fall asleep in the dugout during games.

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Raines started to sense there was a problem during a plate appearance in his second MLB season.

"I remember in an at bat. The only reason why I remember this is because the guy threw me a pitch and I ducked out of the way like the ball was going to hit me," Raines told Garfien. "The umpire called it a strike and I looked back at the umpire like 'The ball almost hit me.' And he goes 'The ball is right down the middle of the plate.' I'm like, 'Huh? Either you're blind or I'm blind.'

"I end up looking at the footage of the pitch and sure enough the ball was right down the middle. I was seeing things."


Watch the video above from Wednesday's In the Loop to see what else Raines had to say about his drug problem.