The Cubs are in a brutal stretch of reporting to the ballpark 30 days in-a-row. From what we've seen this week, though, they have not lost their sense of humor.

Sunday, Ben Zobrist was spotted riding his bike in full-uniform to Wrigley Field for the Cubs' game against the Reds. Describing the moment doesn't do it any justice, so take a look:

Awesome, right? Of course, Sunday is not the first time Zobrist has done this, as he actually did the same thing back in 2016, PF Flyer cleats include as well.

Is Zobrist a trendsetter? Maybe, as Sunday marks the third time this week that a Cubs player has traveled for a game in full-uniform.

Anthony Rizzo wore his uniform on the team's flight to Washington D.C. for Thursday's make-up game against the Nationals, while Javier Báez joined Rizzo in doing so on the team's flight home. The players added some comedic relief to the fact that the Cubs lost what would have been their first day off since Aug. 20. 


In the end, baseball is a child's game, so it's nice to see the Cubs keeping things in perspective and having fun during this tough 30-day stretch.