Podcast: Was David Ross wrong for benching Kyle Schwarber?


Kyle Schwarber was benched by David Ross for misplaying a ball that ended up being a triple in Sunday's game vs. the Twins. Was David Ross wrong for pulling Schwarber?

David Kaplan and Cubs insider Gordon Wittenmyer have a heated debate on the situation and compare the managerial styles of Ross and former Cubs manager Joe Maddon. Later on, Gordon updates the status of José Quintana and what the Cubs pitching rotation would look like in a playoff scenario.

(1:30) - Ross pulls Schwarber for not hustling to a ball in the outfield

(6:16) - Should Maddon and Ross have benched Javy Báez for not hustling after a hit?

(12:14) - Which managerial style works best?

(16:36) - Should managers/coaches be more strict in their styles in 2020?

(23:42) - Quintana's status

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