Theo Epstein doesn’t believe Joe Maddon didn’t want to re-sign with Cubs

/ by Tim Stebbins
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In an interview with ESPN, former Cubs manager Joe Maddon addressed a number of topics regarding his tenure with the team. Among those include the decision for him and the club to part ways.

Maddon told ESPN’s Alden Gonzalez he realized during the 2019 season he didn't want to return to the North Side in 2020 — no matter how last season ended. The 66-year-old cited philosophical differences between he and the club’s front office.

Cubs president Theo Epstein didn’t dispute those comments, but he recalls Maddon’s feelings towards returning as manager differently.

“That would conflict with some of the things that he and his agent were saying and doing towards the end of the season,” Epstein said Tuesday in response to Maddon’s comments. “It doesn’t mean it’s not true. And if that’s how he feels, especially with the benefit of hindsight, then I’m not gonna dispute it.

“But that doesn’t really reflect the conversations we were having, up until the very, very end, the last day or two when we talked about it just being best for everybody.”

Maddon’s future with the Cubs was an oft-discussed topic in 2019. He and the Cubs came to the mutual decision to part ways last Sept. 28 — the night before the 2019 season finale. The two sides announced the decision the next morning.

We may never know the truth behind his departure from Chicago, but Epstein passionately refuting Maddon's comments only clouds the situation further. 



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