DictioNagy: Decoding this weekend's Trubisky/Foles decision


Matt Nagy's got a big weekend ahead of him. You may think you have a big weekend ahead of you, but Matt Nagy knows it. The Bears' quarterback competition is over, and come Sunday morning someone's going to win the right to start the weirdest game of their life a week later in Detroit. This weekend marks the end of Nagy spending half his daily press conference fielding questions about deciding between Mitch Trubisky and Nick Foles, at least until Week 5. Or Week 3. Or maybe it won't end. Who knows.

But a decision's being made, and it's being made in the next 72 hours. So where does everything stand through two episodes of 1920 Football Drive? Here's what Nagy said, and more importantly, what Nagy meant. 

On The Criteria For Choosing QB1 This Weekend

What Nagy Said: You always start with decision-making and accuracy. In our opinion, too, there is situational football involved. Those are probably the top-three that we look at, and then how did they perform in training camp, how did they handle certain situations, and both of them we thought did well. I know it probably is frustrating in hearing things sound somewhat grey. I completely understand that but for us, it’s not easy.

What Nagy Means: We have a pretty good idea who we're going to pick but doesn't obsessing about it for one last long weekend sound fun? Just one last moment of panic, for old time's sake. What's a few more days of organizational uncertainty in the grand scheme of things? And honestly we're doing you a favor by giving you small talk to lean on during those awkward lulls in conversations at barbeques. 


On The Timing Of The QB1 Announcement This Weekend

What Nagy Said: We are excited, we are 10 days away. We feel like it's time in a lot of different ways. We have other competitions going on on this team. We have a lot of other players that are ready to just go out there and put all of that to the side and become one. And it's here.

What Nagy Means: And when I say 'a lot of different ways' I'm actually talking about every single one. And when I say 'a lot of other players' I'm actually talking about every single one. And when I say 'It's here,' tears of joy stream down my face. It's here. 

On Calling Plays With Trubisky vs. Calling Plays With Foles

What Nagy Said: Nick and myself, we’ve never had a game together where I’m calling plays. So there’s that unknown ... I’d say with Mitch, I have two years of calling plays with him, and you have that and we built our own likes and dislikes together. 

What Nagy Means: I'm saying this now so you all remember this moment when you start getting tempted to write that hot seat column in mid-October.