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Jiménez talks about working towards playing in outfield

/ by Ryan Taylor
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White Sox

Eloy Jiménez wants to play in the outfield. 

He's mentioned on several occasions he would prefer to play in the outfield – specifically, in right field – rather than be the White Sox' designated hitter. 

Pedro Grifol, on the other hand, isn't committed to Jiménez in the outfield just yet. He wants him to compete with prospect Oscar Colas for the position. 

"We were talking and he'd say, 'I'm going to put you out there. Give me your best effort.' I'm going to do that," Jiménez said. "And I try to stay there, you know, because everybody here knows that I don't like DH. I'm going to work to be out there."

Jiménez will need to stay healthy to make his wishes come true. Over the past three seasons, he's played in just 194 games –  about 64 per season. If he wants to play at a corner outfield spot, he needs to prove he can stay healthy. 

His health concerns have given the White Sox cause to believe he'd be a better fit at designated hitter. He's one of the team's most valuable hitters and keeping him in the dugout on defense would keep him healthy. 

As of this writing, Grifol would like to see both Jiménez and Colas play in right field to avoid a crass decision. 

"We haven't played a game yet. We'll address that after we see him," Grifol said of Jiménez. "He hasn't played out there in a while. So at this point in time, I don't know what he's going to bring to right field."


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Jiménez, in fact, hasn't played in right field in the majors, but ascertains he prefers that corner because he believes balls headed in that direction are more predictable compared to left field. 

Nevertheless, Jiménez will have to jump through hoops in spring training to earn the job. 

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