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Robert has Twins' attention: 'Ability is unique and special'

White Sox

Luis Robert has taken the league by storm.

No longer the prospect being talked about in Charlotte, Robert is the player everyone is talking about in Major League Baseball.

His teammates and coaches have raved about him since spring training in Glendale, Arizona.

They doubled down during "Summer Camp."

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Now, on almost a nightly basis, they’re running out of adjectives for the talented 23-year-old center fielder.

But what about those on the other side? The Minnesota Twins, winners of last year’s AL Central crown, are expected to go toe to toe with the White Sox down the stretch in a sprint to the finish unlike any we have seen.

On Wednesday, Twins manager Rocco Baldelli, a former top prospect himself, shared his thoughts on what it is like to be the opposition facing the guy who earlier that day was named the AL Rookie of the Month.

"The ability is very much undeniable," said Baldelli, the 2019 AL Manager of the Year.

"It takes about a half a game, maybe, to watch him do just a couple of things out there to realize that the ability is unique and special. He can play in the middle of the field. He’s dynamic with the bat in his hands. He’s a pretty explosive guy, but it’s not wild explosive, he’s under control."


In a small sample, Robert has done his share of damage against the Twins. On Monday, he launched a 449-foot game-tying home run in the seventh inning, following it with a double that drove in the go-ahead run in the ninth.

If team options are exercised, Robert will be in a White Sox uniform through the 2027 season. That means for a better part of the next decade, the Twins will have to deal with this incredible talent.

Frank Thomas sees "a young Mike Trout." On Wednesday, an MLB.com writer predicted Robert would win the AL MVP this year.

One thing is clear: The Twins see what everyone else is seeing.

"I’m sure that the White Sox organization is very pleased with the young man and everything that he can do out on the field," said Baldelli. "He looks like he’s going to be a very, very good major league player — and maybe better than that — for a very long time."

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