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Clevinger addressed White Sox team about allegations

/ by Ryan Taylor
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Mike Clevinger addressed the White Sox on the first day of spring training about the allegations of domestic violence and child abuse dictating an ongoing investigation from MLB. 

"I'll keep the talk in the clubhouse," Clevinger told the media on Thursday. "But I just wanted to share my sentiment to them about how bad I felt that this is how I'm starting out, this is how they're meeting me, for a lot of guys who don't know me. I didn't want their first day at camp to be answering questions about this nonsense."

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Reports dropped of Clevinger's ongoing investigation in late-January, a little over a month after the White Sox signed him to a one-year, $12 million contract. 

The White Sox expressed they were unaware of Clevinger's situation, as MLB has a confidentiality element to ongoing investigations they conduct about players. Rick Hahn indicated agents, along with players, are also not obligated to share information about investigations either.

For now, the White Sox are awaiting the results of MLB's investigation and its tentative decision on a potential punishment for Clevinger. Hahn expressed the White Sox have no say in Clevinger's pending status in the league. 

But, he was content with Clevinger's decision to address the team on Thursday in Arizona. 

"Mike [Clevinger] addressed the team personnel in there this morning and expressed regret that this is potentially in any way a distraction or the fact that any of them may potentially need to answer questions about him," Hahn said.


"I think that was a good first-day move by him to try to build some relationships and then express his level of regret for the situation."

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